Service Guarantees  

On Time, Or Else!

Occasionally, we are unable to complete our mission because of factors beyond our control, e.g., weather and traffic conditions, and vehicle breakdowns. Very rarely, we miss a delivery commitment because of factors that we could have, and should have, controlled. In either case we are committed to rectifying the situation quickly, and to your satisfaction. In the unlikely event that we miss a deadline, we will offer the following options at no additional charge:

  • Re-route the package immediately to a new destination.
  • Re-route the package to a new destination at a later point in time.
  • Return the package to you.

If you are unhappy because we failed to meet your expectations on any delivery, we will offer to discount or no-charge the job depending upon the circumstances. Our staff will quickly respond to any concerns or issues that arise, especially those regarding deadlines. If we are running late on a delivery, we will keep you informed.

You will always be given direct access to the dispatcher for an honest, up-to-the-minute job status report. If necessary, you can speak directly to Tom, the company president. He is always available to help resolve a problem situation.

Our goals are simple, and driven by the needs of our customers. We strive to:

  • Manage each and every delivery with urgency and a sense of importance.
  • Graciously accommodate special requests.
  • Consistently be helpful and courteous in our interactions with clients and couriers.
  • Be honest with our clients and ourselves.
  • Always be accessible when needed.
  • Be on time, every time.

Our goal is to never miss a call and to always be available for our customers. Breakaway Courier is prepared to maintain service during power outages and building evacuations, and other unexpected situations.

  • Our phone and computer systems have four-hour back-up power.
  • Our phone lines can be immediately transferred to our New York City office in the event of a building evacuation. Our NYC staff will enter your new orders and provide you with a local dispatch number for information on jobs in progress.
  • Our local staff will continue to dispatch orders remotely via wi-fi laptops and wireless communication devices.

During snow storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disaster situations, we will attempt to remain open for emergency deliveries. We will always take into consideration the safety of the riders and drivers, as well as the urgency of your delivery.

After hours service is available by calling  617/839-7468. After normal business hours, our phones are forwarded to a voicemail system that will give you the phone number of the on-duty dispatcher. You will also be provided with the opportunity to leave a message, in the event that you would like to schedule a job or request a callback for the following day.