Rates & Fees  

Fair and Competitive Pricing for All.

Point to point delivery rates are quickly generated by our proprietary High Resolution Pricing System. Every address is assigned a zone, and every zone to zone combination has a corresponding price. This base price is for standard delivery service, and will only vary if you choose to upgrade to a faster service level or downgrade to our economy service.


Our bike prices start at $15.90 for local standard service. Each time a messenger crosses a zone, the price will increase by approximately $1.00. We believe that our prices should reflect the effort involved in completing a delivery, and that is why longer runs cost a bit more than shorter runs. Similarly, a larger package that takes up more space in the messenger’s bag, requiring more effort to transport, will incur an Oversize Charge of $6.50.


  • Large Tube: 30” in length or 3“ in diameter or greater.
  • Large Package: 2” in thickness or 5lbs (ream of paper) in weight or greater.
  • Large Flat: 18“ or more in length or width.

In addition to standard bike service, we offer rush service for an additional $8, direct rush service for an additional $15, and economy service at a 20% discount.


Our vehicle prices start at $30 for local standard service. All cities and towns in New England have an established flat rate based on mileage. In addition to standard car service, we offer rush service for an additional 50%, direct rush service for an additional 100%, and economy service at a 20% discount. These % surcharges will decrease as the base price of the job increases. Special rates apply to deliveries requiring a truck.


  • Total weight exceeds 25 pounds.
  • Van or wagon request to accommodate large posters or banners.
  • Two-person cargo van service.
  • Truck with liftgate required.
  • 5% to 20% fuel surcharge (will vary with the price of gas).

For specific delivery time commitments associated with all bike and vehicle delivery service levels please contact us and we will customize a report for your specific location.

All packages are insured for up to $100. Additional insurance is available at a cost of 3% of the declared value of the package. Additional insurance must be purchased at the time the order is placed.

If your office is located outside of the areas listed above and you would like to request a price list please call 617/426-7575 or email us at boston@breakawaycourier.com. We will get back to you immediately.